A Tale Untold

Wounded, unconscious, a blade stuck in his torso, a man was found outside of Hyrstmill. All he can remember from that time is the panicked shouting of what only sounded like a child. The rest of the night became a blur, nothing more than a fleeting memory.

When he awoke, wound dressed and a candle by his bedside, he looked to the home with confusion. While warm and inviting, the archaic appearance left him feeling alone and perhaps even afraid.

Even when she came to check on him. He could only mutter a 'thank you' to her hospitality.

Only when he saw the world beyond the window did everything come flooding back. The darkness, the pain, the seemingly endless combat and sleepless nights. Eight years of it, and yet... the stars shone bright in the night sky, as if nothing had ever happened.

Seeking she who took care of him, he begged the question: "where am I?"


A man from a star called Eos, Tandem is one of potentially several that have found their way to Hydaelyn though no will of their own. Having started his journey in the Black Shroud of Eorzea, Tandem had been nursed to health before he sought out information. It was here that he was approached a woman by the name of Jaydin who offered him information regarding his sister, and then soon after, a place to stay as well as a place within the Knights.

Though he planned on abandoning this organisation Jaydin welcomed him into, Tandem eventually met with his sister a few months of working at the Gardens and earning his gil. Far from chivalrous, however, Tandem learned that it wasn't a title to adhere to consistency and definition.

Travelling across the ocean to Yanxia, Tandem was ever glad to be reunited with his sister, and even an old friend, Callidus Cicuma. After discussion, Primam made it clear that she wanted to stay with the Rest for now to see if she could find any others that might have been in Othard, Doma, or Hingashi... and she implored Tandem to do the same back in Eorzea with these 'Knights' he told her about.

Reluctantly, Tandem agreed. She was right. That confirmation was all he needed to start using his new connections and ties to start seeking out information of anyone and everyone he knew were in the area at the time of being spirited away from Eos.


Ideal Sparring Partner

Mixing drinks and serving food at the Starry Garden isn't all that Tandem seems to be good for. There's been some occasions where he might have to act as the impromptu bouncer to get someone out. During which, he's been able to display deft footwork, and a mean right hook. Looks like he spars with some of the other Starry Garden staff when not on the clock.

Information Gatherer

A lot of what Tandem ends up doing is asking questions -- whether he's working at the Starry Garden, or he's simply out and about. However... perhaps some of those questions are not questions many others out there are keen on being asked. It does seem suspicious, after all....

No Aether to Detect

Due to the general non-magical nature of the people of Eos, only select few are gifted any trust of the royal Lucis Caelum family to wield magic. However, thanks to this way of manipulating magic, Tandem cannot be seen with aether of any kind to those that can detect or sense it.

What Did You Say?

With lingo and colloquialisms that Tandem is hardly used to, as well as lingo that he is already accustomed to from his own life back on Eos, Tandem can often be heard correcting himself, or speaking slowly to avoid saying something foreign to Hydaelyn.

"I'm a Bit of an Artist Myself."

With no exaggeration, Tandem specialises in drawing mostly blueprints for weapons and armour. While he does dabble sometimes in drawing sceneries, he's a smith in his world, and has drawn up many of his own weapon designs. He's not great at drawing people, but he can do some decent sketches so long as he has models or references to work with.


Primam Chorus

Tandem's twin sister and currently the only Glaive that he knows about as being on Hydaelyn at this current time. The two are fraternal twins and grew up together. Both had great expectations placed upon them, and both have achieved great things as a result. Always working best in tandem as they apply themselves in chorus, their teamwork has made them prime candidates for their roles as Kingsglaive.

The two seem to share a positive relationship with one another, even if there is some hints of sibling rivalry in their jabs and comments. Due to the fact that both Tandem and Primam are actually pretty awkward around other people, the fact that the two of them can communicate freely with one another with little to hinder them is a great comfort.

While Tandem has resolved himself to working with the Starry Knights operations, he is aware that Primam will keep an eye on things in Doma and Hingashi.

Tandem prepared a sudden trip to Hingashi to assist the Wayfarer's Rest in search for his sister and other missing residents of the Rest. He is greatly worried for his sister, and hopes no harm has come her way. However, he was stopped by Jaydin, saying that acting out of emotion will yield no positive result and that they should do as they were requested: keeping an eye and ear out around Eorzea.

Callidus Cicuma

Tandem knew Callidus as a classmate, and one of the people that often attended study groups with his sister. Beyond that, Callidus was more of an acquaintance more than a friend. These days, however, being that he and others are all stuck on a star not their own, Tandem values any familiar face that he comes across.

Knowing that Callidus is well versed in engineering and tinkering with mechanics, he does worry a bit about what the man might end up missing from home. However, if Primam says not to worry, then there is not much that he can really do.

Currently, Tandem seems to be fine with Callidus and Primam being together, as Primam is more than capable of fending for the man should things go awry.

Jaydin Byrd

A somewhat enigmatic woman who owns the Starry Garden and leads the Starry Knights. Tandem was approached by Jaydin during his time in Hyrstmill, one of the samples from her restaurant that was given to him and the woman that was caring for him containing a pamphlet that revealed a card to Tandem when he opened it.

The message inside was what caught Tandem's interest; "A little bird told us that you were seeking where to partake in your first dance. Seek us in the gardens where the stars shine brightest in the night."

Needless to say, Tandem followed up on this and was introduced to the small group. Jaydin spoke with both him and Manaka -- a woman that he would later learn was called an Au Ra. It was then, however, that Tandem learned that Manaka was gifted with what was called an "Echo", and that within her travels she met a woman by the name 'Primam Chorus', or -- as revealed, the 'first dance' to Tandem's 'last dance'.

Myrddin Wynn

Jaydin's husband and co-owner of the Starry Garden. Tandem has not really observed him taking too much of a role of managing the Garden, but from what has been learned, Tandem knows that Myrddin is quite good at balancing the books and keeping everything up to date. Apparently he also has some big contacts around Aldenard.

Who is he really?

Manaka Shimizu

The woman that revealed to Tandem of Primam's existence, Manaka has generally made herself scarce and often disappears without so much as a word to the others. This has become part of the routine when speaking with Manaka, though Tandem cannot help but feel somewhat annoyed at times about it.

In any case, Tandem is and will always be grateful that Manaka shared vital information in getting Tandem reunited with not only his sister, but with another familiar face from Eos as well: Callidus Cicuma.

Elika Harel

Myrddin's cousin, apparently. Elika seems to head the Knights every now and then along with Manaka if neither Jaydin nor Myrddin are available. Other than that, Elika seems to be an acting manager on some nights when no one else is available.

Tandem and Elika don't really know each other too well, but are primarily working buddies for the most part.

Rina Sabine

Another one of the Knights and workers at the Garden that Tandem has gotten to know. There are some friendly jabs between one another -- though one of the in-jokes between the two of them is that they're a couple just to deter anyone from getting too comfortable -- on either of their ends.

Rina is an artist like Tandem is. He has yet to see what she's drawn -- though he has also not shown her any of the work that he has done, either.

Qara Daznik

A Xaela from the Azim Steppe, and one of the other bartenders that Tandem gets to work with on the bottom floor from time to time. Also one of the Starry Knights, though Tandem is not quite sure if she has arrangements at the Garden or not due to his own adventures seeing him away from the premises at times.

He has been told a bit about the Azim Steppe by Qara -- mostly food and alcohol related -- and is interested in learning more.

Yarothgar Korvasch

A hrothgar friend of the Wayfarer's Rest, much like Manaka. He has apparently been trusted with information regarding the Knights, and has offered his two cents on certain situations that the Knights have found themselves in. However, Yrothgar does a lot of the heavy lifting around the Garden along with Tandem, and the two of them also occasionally run the bar together downstairs.

Rinh'zi Beatha

One of the Garden workers that Tandem has somewhat worked alongside with every now and then. Also another one of the Knights that Tandem has done some investigations with. Though, despite their intermingling with one another, the two don't actually know each other all that well.

Iwa Ittetsu

A new face at the Garden, Iwa was found by the other Knights when Tandem was in Hingashi. Tandem has introduced himself to Iwa, and noted some of her watching him after hours. He has since offered to help teach her how to make her own food and treats since she seems to be a fan of the cupcakes and pastries.


Things to keep in mind while RPing with me:

  • I am 21+. Just to avoid continually updating my age on here as years pass, I was born February of 1992.

  • I don't do ERP, especially not with people I barely know. Please don't try to force it. Nothing honestly makes me drop an RP faster. Mature roleplayer is not to be confused with Adult roleplayer in my case. I just like more mature themes and a consistent story or arc to be part of.

  • My RP tag being on doesn't always mean that I'm in character. Sometimes it's just an invitation for walkups or tells. Please send a tell first so that I can confirm my status!

  • If I'm in the Quicksand and RPing for any reason, the RP is probably considered non-canon to me.

  • If you're hoping for a long term romance with Tandem, I'm sorry to disappoint you. He's really in it for the flings and excitement of it all, and usually does his best to find people that are similar to him when it comes to one-night-stands and such.

About me:

Hey there, I'm Jay, the player behind Tandem. I got into FFXIV after having a bit of a falling out with WoW once my fiancé and I finished BfA content and our RP guild ended up dissolving (they were awesome people, though! I do miss them). When I got into FFXIV, I had been playing FFXV pretty heavily, and was very much aware of the lore and story behind the characters as well as the Kingsglaive, which is what I decided to role with when I brought Primam over to act as my main.

Now, I'm currently an RP FC Officer of the Wayfarer's Covenant «WF-RP», and I am a FC Officer of a smaller, more friend-oriented RP FC called Starry Knights «.SKG.». For both, I am open for all questions, comments, and concerns, though I must also stress that I cannot answer everything in regards to the Wayfarer's Covenant, and will sometimes have to speak with the others to answer questions better.

Unfortunately, I don't really share my Discord with people, but you can find me floating around and about here and there.

Knights Sheet

Height :: 5'10"
Race :: Lucian (Midlander Hyur)
Current Stars :: 15★

Weight :: 178 lbs.
Job :: Rogue
Spent Stars :: 0★

Attributes →

Health :: ♥♥♥♥♥

STR :: ◆◆◆◇◇◇◇◇◇◇
DEX :: ◆◆◆◆◇◇◇◇◇◇
CON :: ◆◆◆◇◇◇◇◇◇◇
ATR :: ◆◆◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇

WIS :: ◆◆◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇
INT :: ◆◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇
CHA :: ◆◆◆◆◇◇◇◇◇◇

Skills →

Warp Strike ◆◇◇◇◇
Association: Aether

Able to use weapons that he has attuned to and claimed as his own, Tandem can perform a warp strike. His weapon acts as a vessel for his soul to traverse before returning him to a corporeal form. This is used to sometimes make the first strike against enemies. Perfect for a surprise attack.

Warp Strike allows movement up to 60 fulms to attack an enemy for half a heart on a successful strike. Critical success will take a heart and a half. Character will then stay at that location within melee range of the enemy.

Invisibility ◆◇◇◇◇
Association: Aether

Manipulating the mana (aether) around him, Tandem can create a cloak that blends him in with the surroundings. A perceptive eye might be able to tell him from the surroundings, however, but those that are unaware will certainly have to rely on other means to track him.

Invisibility increases any stealth type checks for the character by the amount of pips in the Skill in addition to the pips in the associated Attribute.

Jack of All Trades (Master of None) ◆◇◇◇◇
Association: Dexterity

Belonging to a noble house that is to teach the royal throne how to utilise any and all weapons or magic, Tandem lacks the mana manipulation techniques that his sister has, and has relied on utilising all kinds of weapons. There are few weapons that Tandem cannot use to his advantage in some fashion or another.

The Jack of All Trades (Master of None) Skill allows the character to use any weapon that they are presented with equal mastery. On the same token, they are not allowed to take on any Skills or Specialties that allow them better use in a particular weapon over others.

Deceptive Blade (ROG) ◆◇◇◇◇
Association: Dexterity

Mastering weapons also means learning how to conceal them for best use when it comes to being out on the battlefield. Knowing how to hide weapons and pulling them out when needed if ever disarmed or put into certain situations is more a boon than it ever is a bane. Successfully surprising enemies with this could prove most fatal.

Deceptive Blade can only be executed when unarmed.

On a success, Deceptive Blade will take an enemy by surprise and deal one and a half hearts of damage. On a critical success, Deceptive Blade will inflict two and a half hearts of damage.

After being revealed, Deceptive Blade can no longer be used until next combat session.

Specialties →

Association: Aether

As a noble of House Chorus, Tandem has access to his own armiger of weapons that can be summoned at will. These weapons are an extension of himself. With a plethora of weapons at his disposal, Tandem feels at least somewhat comfortable in any potential situation that might arise.

Usable once per combat session. If disarmed after Deceptive Blade has been utilised, Tandem can roll Armiger to get another Deceptive Blade chance if in melee range and only if disarmed. If Tandem is not within melee range, he cannot utilise a secondary Deceptive Blade.

If failed, Tandem remains unarmed and must either fight unarmed, or get a weapon in the middle of combat without the use of the Armiger.